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Mar 10, 2012 11:00pm PST
caused about $100,000 in damage. >>> rick santorum and mitt romney both have bragging rights and delegates from caucuses held today in kansas and wyoming. reports, all four republican candidates are looking ahead to tuesday's primaries in the south. >> rick santorum delivered the news to a pumped up crowd in missouri. >> we are going to win kansas and the vast majority of delegates from kansas. >> kansas vote is favored santorum in a state where mitt romney and gingrich did not campaign. >> i'm voting for rick santorum. i like his stance on social issues. >> romney also had a good day. the associated press is reporting he won the wyoming caucuses. gingrich spent saturday barn storming in alabama. the former house speaker signed autographs and asked for support as he works to jump start his campaign in the deep south. >> if we can win alabama and mississippi tuesday night, we will reset the campaign for the 9th or 10th time. sometime on wednesday. >> gingrich is vowed to stay in the race through the gop convention, but santorum is hoping a poor showing on tuesday will force gingri
Mar 25, 2012 11:00pm PDT
. ♪ >> republican and presidential candidate mitt romney is coming to california to replenish his campaign coffers. he will be in the state tomorrow and tuesday. among the events, dinner in redwood city where donors will pay up to $25,000. latest polls show romney with a double-digit lead in the california primary race. according to a poll, 42 percent of republican voters support romney, 23 percent support rick santorum. president obama is asking north korea's leaders to have the courage to pursue peace. mr. obama is also sticking to his pledge to pursue a nuclear free weapons world. drew levenson shows us what the president encountered >> president obama stood for the first time in the demilitarized zone, the no man's land that separates south korea from north korea. he got a close-up look at the area where thousands of soldiers patrolled both sides including nearly 30,000 american troops. the president told some of those americans that they stand at freedoms frontier >> the contrast between south korea and north korea could not be clearer. both in terms of freedom but also in te
Mar 3, 2012 11:00pm PST
washington state republican made their picks for presidential nominee. front run irmitt romney won the contest. ron paul dropped in caucus- -goers saturday, pushing hard for his first victory, but pulled up short. the washington state win may good romney a boost heading into the critical super tuesday context. saturday he rallied supporters in ohio, but romney stuck to hammering president obama and highlighting his business background. >> with job so badly needed with incomes having gone down, we need a president who knows the economy to fix the economy. >> reporter: santorum challenged romney in an article that inspired president obama's health care bill. >> it's bad enough he recommended. it treasworse that he couldn't come clean with the people in this primary that did he. >> reporter: speaking near cincinnati, newt gingrich says although he is counting on a win in georgia, the state he represented for 20 years, he feels he will do well in ohio. >> we want to get as many delegates as we can and see opportunities here. >> reporter: due levinson, cbs news. >>> washington state hel
Mar 24, 2012 11:00pm PDT
santorum got a big win in louisiana today. he beat mitt romney by more than 20 points. newt gingrich and ron paul took third and fourth. while voters were headed to the polls in louisiana, santorum helped held a rally in wisconsin. mitt romney wife campaigned for him in wisconsin but voters said they would prefer for romney to be there himself. he will be there later this week. the pennsylvania leadership conference, newt gingrich made it clear he wants to be known as the most conservative republican candidate. he says america cannot handle another four years of president obama. former vice president dick cheney has a new heart. he had surgery this morning and aides say he has been waiting for a transplant for more than 20 months and that he and his family will forever be grateful. he has had five heart attacks since age 37 and has also had several other procedures including quadruple bypass surgery elisabeth is joining us now and it has been kind of a rainy weekend so far. not a lot of rain but enough to keep it wet >> san francisco's saw almost 1 in. so there have been scattered shower
Mar 18, 2012 11:00pm PDT
sentencing tomorrow. we may know more about his future then >> may romney is celebrating a victory, rebounding from losing to primaries earlier this week. he won the pr primary by an overwhelming margin. he and rinks and gorham campaigned in future primary states today talking about the economy >> the senator has the same economic background the president has >> this is a primary process where somebody had a huge money advantage, a huge advantage of the establishment support and he has not been able to close the deal or come close to closing the deal >> illinois holds its primary on tuesday. with the win in pr but robnett picked up 20 more delegates. he now has twice as many as rick santorum. a candidate needs 1144 delegates to win the nomination. a snow skier was found dead this morning trapped under the snow near lake tahoe. other skiers found the man's body at this ski resort in the castle creek area. he was in an expert area when he fell into a deep hole created by and under flow of water. a car bomb exploded in northern syria today killing two people and injuring another 30. t
Mar 17, 2012 11:00pm PDT
android operating system >> republican front runner mitt romney took his campaign to illinois. polls show him leading rick santorum by a margin of 6-9 points. rick santorum spent the morning in missouri where he already won that primary. republican primaries met in caucuses today. santorum later campaigned in illinois. he told supporters that if he wins illinois he will win the nomination >> the man who lives in the white house now observed today with a beer. president obama drank eight guinness at a washington d.c. of. a cold and the threat of rain did not stop hundreds of people from celebrating st. patrick's day in san francisco. this was the 160 edition of the parade. it was led by a band of bagpipers. back by popular demand, the school sunglasses. my neighbor who is irish gave me to be his last night. brian is not wearing any green. >> i am green with envy. tonight in the bay area, temperatures now down into the '40's for much of the bay. here is the weather had lines for tonight. the rain mostly ends, wind picks up out of the northwest. high-definition doppler, see all t
Mar 4, 2012 11:00pm PST
ohio and tonight a new poll in tennessee shows almost the same results there. santorum 34%, romney 30%, both states and santorum had a substantial lead in polls taken two weeks ago. today all the candidates did some last minute campaigning. >> the gop front runner went to georgia where served up pancakes. he ignored his rivals and attacked the president. >> he has been in office for three years, he -- i'm still waiting to see what his job plans. how he will make america more competitive, put us back to work. >> reporter: georgia offers the most delegates and it's gingrich territory. the former house speaker served the state in congress for 20 years. he said it's a must win. >> i think you loose all creditability if the folks who know you best don't vote for you. >> reporter: santorum also expects to do well in the south but said he and gingrich are after the same voters. >> it's always harder when have you two conservatives running as we have seen in washington and seen in some of the other states, we have the -- the anti romney vote if you will, both gingrich and i. >> reporter: s
Search Results 0 to 6 of about 7